Nikki Booth

Nikki’s earliest food influences came from her mother and grandmother – both accomplished home cooks. From an early age, Nikki would watch what was happening in the kitchen; and so began the process of learning by osmosis, which never stops.

Her approach to cooking and catering is the result of many years of a considered, natural pursuit of what has become her special craft: seemingly effortless entertaining in her own environment, with all the hallmarks of her understated good taste and attachment to the uncontrived.

Nikki & her team are dedicated to creating culinary experiences that are truly memorable.

Niconot Nyimba

Niconot is a legend in his own time. He started working in the scullery more than 13 years ago and now runs Front of House. He’s an integral part of the Ottimo Cibo team and does everything from invoicing clients to collecting our fresh ingredients.

Paulina Hlonyana

The queen of puff pastry! Paulina has worked with Nikki for 21 years. She is Ottimo Cibo’s invaluable ‘prep lady’, and her prior work experience includes catering for Nelson Mandela.